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Internationally Supported

Softacar has superior features and equipment for you to trade easily in the global market. Sell instantly, all over the world, with just a few clicks.

Rent or Selling

When renting your cars with the Softacar, you can also list them for sale. All car rental and sales process are completely easy, practical and fast.

Offer an Transfer Service

With the Softacar, you can also offer solutions such as airport transfer services to your customers.

Advanced Car Management

Add all your vehicles in detail to the system, and manage and control them.

Smart Car Profile

All your vehicles have a detailed profile card. You can review all vehicle data, all booking records and revenues on the vehicle profile.

Calculating a One-way Fee

If your customer wants to deliver the rental vehicle on a different location, you can also charge a DROP fee and charge an additional fee.

Car Availability for Rent

Your vehicles that are rented between the relevant dates are treated by the system as "full" and no new reservations are accepted for the respective dates.

Seasonal Pricing

You can define different prices for your rental cars at any date range.

Extra Services

Your customers can add extra services at the booking stage on demand.

Blacklist Management

You can blacklist any customer you want and prevent it from rebooking. You can also use the Softacar blacklist database on request.

Smart Notification System

Notices such as sms and email are sent for booking information, upcoming booking and rental expiration, etc. In addition, reminders are made for insurance, care, vehicle tax and inspection dates.

Vehicle Tracking API

With vehicle tracking services integrated with the system, you can instantly monitor where your rental and idle vehicles are and more information on the map.

Client Management

Analyse your one-click clients, view all products and services, trade volumes and bills. Provide management and control of your clients.

Branch/Staff Management

You can add all your branches and staff to the system by determining the powers and permissions you wish. Your staff can provide operations as much as they have authority.

Minimum Requirements

You can show your customers minimum requirements for rental. For example: Minimum Driver Age, Driver's License Year, etc.

Accounting and Billing

Easily track, manage and control all your financial transactions with accounting, invoicing and cash management.

Developable Themes and Modules

With open source theme and module structures you can develop your site as you like, and design your own look.

Impressive, Remarkable Design

Your visitors will be able to explore your website in a comfortable, easy and understandable way. Your website will look professional and impressive.

Ultra Security and Protection

All data and system security are protected by high security protocols at bank level. The system is regularly subjected to safety tests.

Cloud Technology

You can instantly access your website and control panel from anywhere in the world and easily execute all your operations.

Smart Administration Panel

There is a new generation, intelligent and sophisticated, mobile-friendly administration panel that you can easily and quickly sort out your transactions with.

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